How to Use Maison Des Montres on Your Luxury Watches

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How to Use Maison Des Montres on Your Luxury Watches

Are you the proud owner of high-end watches from some of the leading brands in the business, such as Cartier, Rolex, and Patek Philippe? If so, you may have a genuine passion for collecting these luxury timepieces that hold sentimental value and are known for their unique, intricate detail. As someone who enjoys contributing to your collection of watches, you want to keep these stunning pieces and their embellishments, including sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds, looking their best. A simple way to keep your watches clean and in like-new condition is to use a convenient watch care kit.

Maison Des Montres offers superior cleaning products safe to use on stainless steel, diamonds, platinum, leather, and many other materials. Investing in the watch cleaning kit is a start, but knowing how to use it will leave you with beautiful accessories that continue to look as good as they did the day you bought them so that you can remain proud of your impressive collection. Follow these simple tips on using the watch cleaning solution and accessories to carefully remove dirt from your collectibles while leaving them sparkling and like new in no time.

Check the Components of the Watch

Before pulling out your watch cleaning solution and accessories, check the different components of the piece to ensure everything is secured in place. Next, touch the watch's crown and make sure it's pushed back and screwed tightly to keep it from opening when you're in the middle of wiping it down with the watch cleaner. If everything is in place as it should be, you're ready to begin the step-by-step process of caring for your collectible accessories.
Use Water and the Cleaning Solution

While holding the watch with two hands, run it under the faucet for a few seconds to add a small amount of water to it before grabbing your cleaning solution spray and spraying a generous amount of it over the timepiece. When spraying the solution on your watch, you should notice some suds appearing, indicating that you're doing the job correctly. While the suds from the cleaning solution are still on the watch, take your soft nano-bristle brush and begin gently brushing away at the residue on the watch's face, case, and band. After gently scrubbing the watch on all sides, rinse the cleaning solution off with a bit of water from the sink.
Finish with the Microfiber Cloth

The Maison Des Montres watch cleaning set comes with a luxuriously soft microfiber cloth. After running the watch under the faucet water for a few seconds to remove the cleaning solution, you'll want to remove all traces of water from the timeless piece using the microfiber cloth to soak it up without causing scratches or marks. The fabric is super gentle and will leave your watch sparkling by the time you finish using it.

Clean Your Collection with Ease Every Time

Maison Des Montres makes cleaning luxury watches a simple process that anyone can do at home as often as they need. If you've always loved the style and design of pieces produced by leading watch brands, you'll be glad to know that you can take the best care of your collection at home. Whether you want to clean your watches before and after every use or plan to pull out the watch cleaner spray and accessories at least once a month, you can remove unwanted dirt and residue from various materials to keep your timepieces looking new. No matter the brand of the watch or the materials used to make it, such as leather or metal, the components within the kit are safe and effective.

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